How can I reserve/rent the clubhouse for a private event?

1. The clubhouse is available to rent for private events. The relevant forms and rules can be found below. Residents must contact the onsite management office directly to schedule a private event.

2. Please note that renting is the only way to reserve the clubhouse for a private event, which is any event where you want to limit access and/or invite non-residents. The rental costs are intended to:

  • Cover the costs of additional wear and tear on the amenity
  • Compensate all other members for their loss of access to the amenity during your rental
  • Help balance the demand for reserving a space shared by 768 households (over twice the number of days in each year)

3. Renting is not required for community events open to all Association members. Instead, see the answer to “How do I get approval for a community event?”

4. The clubhouse is not available for events open to the public, as specified in the clubhouse rules.