Do I need to pay front foot benefit charges? What is this $200 / $400 bill for?

The developer installed the water and sewer lines to and within our development and recoups the cost of that construction over a period of years through a front foot benefit charge (also called a Water and Sewer Facilities Assessment or Deferred Water and Sewer Charge). Whoever sold you your home was responsible for including notice in your contract, as detailed in Article XV, Section 6 of the declarations. Unless you or a previous owner paid the full amount off early, you can expect to receive an annual bill (e.g., from Beechtree Water & Sewer Company, LLC) for this, until the full amount has been paid. The bill should be $200 for townhomes or $400 for single-family homes. Please note that the Association does not have any role regarding this front foot benefit charge, so please direct all related concerns to the company you receive the bill from. Contact information for Beechtree Water & Sewer is provided below.

Beechtree Water & Sewer Company, LLC
By: U.S. Utility, LLC, Management Agent
10176 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 210
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Fax: 410-418-5598