Fireworks reminders

This is a friendly reminder that State and County laws prohibit nearly all fireworks. Additional information on fireworks safety, including a list of approved permits, can be found on the website for the Maryland Fire Marshall. Residents have expressed concerns to management in regard to fire safety, dry weather, and human and pet reactions.

Prohibited fireworks include:

  • Ground-based sparklers (in Harford County)
  • Firecrackers, Cherry Bombs, Black Cats, M-80’s, Crackling Ball’s, and Smoke Bombs
  • Roman Candles, and Bottle Rockets (whistling and/or with report)
  • Sky Rockets, Helicopter-type Rockets, Spinning Wheels, Moving Tanks or Other Vehicles
  • Any firework that is shot from a mortar tube

Residents should report violations to law enforcement immediately. Please contact the Harford Sheriff’s Office Southern Precinct at 410-612-1717.

Afterward, residents can also submit reports to the Association with as much detail and evidence as possible. The Association will treat the unauthorized use of fireworks as a covenant violation, which can result in fines.

Wishing all residents a safe 4th of July holiday! Thank you.