New Rule on Overnight Yard Storage

In accordance with Article XIV Section 1 of our covenants, conditions, and restrictions, the Association has established a rule prohibiting the overnight storage of any appliances, tools, materials, or supplies within the front or side portions of any lot, with the following exceptions:

  1. These items may be stored in areas of side yards where they are not publicly visible from the sidewalk (e.g., behind a fence).
  2. This rule does not apply to the items required to complete an approved architectural modification, during the approved construction period for that modification.

This new rule is intended to follow in the spirit of our existing covenants, conditions, and restrictions; to address inconsistent gaps in our covenants, conditions, and restrictions; to prevent chronic and unsightly yard storage; and to promote members’ property values. This new rule was adopted at the open meeting on March 12, 2024, and it will take effect twenty (20) days after notice has been mailed to the members of the Association (estimated effective date: April 12, 2024).