Parking & Other Vehicle Reminders

To keep our neighborhood a safe and respectful place to live, residents should follow the below rules, laws, and recommendations.

  1. Please use care and pay attention when parking a vehicle in common parking areas and on the street.
  2. Please be mindful and respectful of your neighbors’ parking needs and have your visitors do the same. 
  3. Please be courteous and only use one parking spot per vehicle. Parking spaces are limited.
  4. Please utilize your garage or driveway first, before common parking areas. 
  5. Please ensure clearance for emergency vehicles, to help keep everyone safe.
  6. Visitor parking is limited to 72 hours.
  7. Commercial vehicles and other large vehicles must not be parked in the community, unless stored entirely within an attached garage.
    • This includes limousines, buses, travel trailers, trailers, house trailers, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, campers, camp trucks, and boats.
    • A commercial vehicle is any vehicle that weighs over 7000 pounds or has a rated capacity of over 3/4 ton.
    • Contractors may briefly park their commercial vehicles to provide their services.
  8. Vehicles must have a current registration and must display current license plate stickers, unless stored entirely within an attached garage.
    • Vehicles that display expired license plate stickers will be ticketed for towing.
  9. Inoperable vehicles must not be kept in the community, unless stored entirely within an attached garage.
    • For example, any vehicle with a flat tire is considered inoperable and will be ticketed for towing. 
  10. Drivers must not speed. Please slow down and watch for pedestrians when driving in the community.
  11. Vehicles must not block the sidewalks at any time.
  12. Vehicles must not block handicap access to any sidewalk.
  13. Vehicles must not be parked within 30 ft of an intersection or stop sign.
  14. Vehicles must not be parked within 15 ft of a fire hydrant.
  15. Vehicles must not be parked on the roadway side of any other vehicle that is stopped or parked (i.e., double parking).

Thank you.

Towing Company Contact Information

Carrier’s Inc.
1233 S. Philadelphia Blvd
Aberdeen, MD 21001