Windy Trash Days

Trash collection can be very challenging on windy days! The high winds blow items from containers and knock the containers into the streets. Please assist by picking up any of your trash/recycling items that have blown out and bring in your emptied containers quickly.  

Actions to Reduce Wind-Blown Trash & Recycling

The following procedures can be used at all times but are specifically recommended when high winds are forecasted for trash/recycling collection day.

  • If your recycling container is less than half full, wait until your next scheduled pick-up to put out your container. This will help prevent loose recyclables from being blown throughout the community.
  • Secure containers with a bungie cord. 
  • Don’t overfill. Make sure your lid is completely closed with no material extending outside of the container.
  • Place heavier items on top of lighter items.
  • Turn containers against the wind so the wind is mostly directed at the back of the container.
  • No extra trash or bags. If it doesn’t fit in your containers with the lid closed, hold it back for the next collection.
  • Wait as long as possible to put your trash/recycling containers at curbside.
  • Once your containers have been emptied, bring them in immediately to reduce the chances of your containers being blown over, creating hazardous conditions for pedestrians and drivers. 
  • Mark your containers to help identify and recover containers that blow away; use a permanent marker to write your street address on the underside of the lid of each container.
  • Be sure to place one hand on the lid when rolling your emptied bins. Injuries may occur if you’re rolling out your container and the wind blows the lid open.

Thank you.