Assessments: No Credit Card Payments

Dear Homeowners,

A recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for Maryland made it illegal to charge a fee to collect a payment of debt. Maryland considers assessment payments as consumer debt, even if not delinquent.

While no fees are charged to process check or ACH payments (direct payments from your checking account), fees are imposed whenever a payment is made by credit card. Even though those charges are passed through from the credit card companies, the fees violate the aforementioned court ruling.

Therefore, effective 8.1.2022, we will be suspending all credit card payments
through the FSR Resident Portal and ClickPay, our payment service provider.

  • If you are currently making your assessment payments by credit card:
  • If you are currently paying by mail or by checking account linked to your Resident Portal/ClickPay profile:
    • No action is required.

If you need any assistance in logging in or changing your payment preferences, please don’t hesitate to contact the Customer Care Center at 800.870.0010.