Assigned Parking Committee

The association is soliciting for volunteers to form an assigned parking committee. Ideally, the committee would include resident volunteers from the townhomes that do not have a drive way parking pad or garage.

  • 1207-1211 Astounding Lane
  • 1243-1247 Astounding Lane
  • 401-415 Dryden Road
  • 501-511 Heathland Trail
  • 1401-1451 Onnesta Court, odd numbered addresses

The committee will research solutions/options and communicate their findings to the board, to include parking diagrams and drawings. The committee will advise and assist the board but cannot make decisions for the community. Findings will be reviewed by the association attorney to provide a legal opinion. The committee will attend an open meeting for parking. 

Please contact the onsite community manager if you’re interested in volunteering to serve on the assigned parking committee. Thank you!