Milling & Resurfacing of Roundabout

The association has received notice that Lennar and DXI Construction will begin milling & resurfacing the roundabout (Phase 1 Section B) on Wednesday, June 22nd.

Lennar and DXI Construction have scheduled the milling and resurfacing of the Phase 1 section B roundabout starting on Wednesday morning, June 22nd. They will mill the entire roundabout, clean, sweep, and open back up to traffic no later than 5:00 PM. Then, starting Thursday morning (June 23rd) at 7:00 AM, surface pavement will be placed in all milled areas by close of business on Thursday. Friday morning, all pavement markings will be reestablished, with the roundabout being completely opened back up by close of business on Friday (June 24th). 

It is their intention to close Spindrift and Heathland at the roundabout (only during the day) and direct that traffic through Millar to the front entrance section of Heathland. Moreover, they will be closing Bentgrass Drive from Seward Court to the roundabout (again only during the day). All traffic for the rest of the development from Seward back in will need to enter and exit via either Classic or Plateau. These road closures will take place starting Wednesday morning, June 23rd, through Friday evening, June 24th (only during the day). Thank you.