Parking & Vehicle Reminders

  1. Please use care and pay attention when parking a vehicle in common parking areas and on the street.
  2. Please be courteous and do not double park. Parking spaces are limited.
  3. Please be mindful and respectful of your neighbors’ parking needs. 
  4. Vehicles cannot block the sidewalks at any time. Vehicles cannot be parked at the end of a driveway and block the sidewalk. 
  5. Vehicles cannot be parked at an intersection. Please do not park near intersections or at stop signs. 
  6. Please do not park in front of fire hydrants.
  7. Please do not block handicap access to any sidewalk.
  8. Vehicles must have a current registration and must display current license plates. Vehicles that display expired license plate stickers will be ticketed for towing. Unregistered vehicles may not be stored in parking areas or on the street. 
  9. Inoperable vehicles cannot be stored on streets or in parking areas. For example, any vehicle with a flat tire is considered inoperable and will be ticketed for towing. 
  10. Commercial vehicles and food trucks cannot be parked in the community.
  11. Please do not speed. Please slowdown and watch for pedestrians when driving in the community.
  12. Please help keep everyone safe and allow clearance for emergency vehicles when parking on the street.


Section 11. Motor Vehicles and Garages. Commercial vehicle shall mean and refer to any motor vehicle which has a gross vehicle weight greater than seven 7,000 thousand pounds or has a manufacturer’s rated capacity of more than 3/4 ton. Unless otherwise provided by rule or regulation adopted by the Board of Directors, no vehicle which does not display current license tags and registration, junk or inoperable vehicle, commercial vehicle, limousine, bus, travel trailer, trailer, house trailer, mobile home, recreational vehicle, camper, camp truck, boat or the like shall be kept upon any Lot (unless stored entirely within the attached garage on each Detached Unit or an Attached Unit duplex containing a garage) or on the Common Area. This provision shall not be construed to prohibit the owner of commercial vehicles from temporarily parking commercial vehicles on a Lot in order to provide goods and services to a Lot owner. Each Detached Unit Lot shall have erected upon it a single-family dwelling with a minimum of a one-car garage. Certain Attached Unit Lots shall have erected upon it a duplex or townhome dwelling with a minimum of a one-car garage, all in the discretion of the Builder. Notwithstanding any provision of this Declaration, Declarant reserves the right for itself and a Builder to operate commercial vehicles on the Properties for construction purposes.

Thank you.